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Main » 2008 » Yanvar » 6 » Bir qeribin qezebi...
Bir qeribin qezebi...
Bu məqaləni ABÞ-da yaþayan bir soydaþýmýz Ramil Səfərovun müdafiə saytýnýn e-mailine gondərmiþdi və acýq məktub formasýnda yayýmlanmasýný xahiþ etmiþdi.Amma saytimizda hələ bunun üçün xüsusi bölmə acýlmadýðýndan bu məqaləni burada yerləþdirərək sizlərlə bölüþmək istərdim.Bu soydaþýmýzýn mövqeyinə dair fikirlərinizi yazmaðý unutmayýn...


First of all Ramil is HERO of AZERBAIJAN. Who calls his name must call him a HERO. A HERO who showed armenians that they never and ever can insult azeris. All armenians remembered once more that they are messing with wrong people. I\'m pretty sure that Azeris will pay back sooner or later. Armenians depend on russians and they think they are strong and they can do whatever they want. But they are forgeting one think that they live in Azeri lands and they call their capitol city \"Erevan\" which is Irevan for us and used to be one of Azeri provinces and they should be thankful for russians because russians gave our Irevan province to them during russian occupation of Azeri lands. So they are nobody and lowest nation in the world. I still can\'t understand how they are calling us enemy and then calling our songs theirs by changing the words of songs. This people are just trash, no honor at all. Russian soldiers defend their border and they think they are a MAN. I\'m sorry about my language russians fuck your mothers and sisters in front of your eyes everyday and you call yourself a MAN and \"patriot armenian\"???.
One question, after Soviet Union collapse Azeris and Georgians kicked rissian soldiers out of their countries and refused to work with russians . So why Armenians stayed with Russians and agreed for russians to stay? I know why, first armenians can’t say no to russians, because russians create your country for you in lands of AZERBAIJAN and they feel like they own Armenia. And second armenians never lived free and you don’t trust yourself if you can live alone. There are some more reasons. WW1 you killed innocent turks, children, elder people and later you killed Azeris. You with russians help made Azeris leave from their histrocal places. So you made such a big mistakes and crimes with help of russians now you afraid of stand face to face with people that you hurt. And by the way you killed only kids, women and elder people and your terrorist attacks of our cities. Our lands you occupied was with help of russians. So listen carefully the day of your punishment will come and you will pay what you did to innocent people.
Now listen armenian, Ramil by himself showed that how to be a patriot. Oh i just remembered this is not one of the things that armenians can copy from us or steal from us and then tell the world that this is armenian. You didn’t get the message, did you? I didn’t think so. Let me say it one more time: There is no armenian that I know who can be a patriot. You armenians lived in our lands and we learned one think from you. ”Armenian saw blood”. We use this saying everyday. Do you know the meaning of that? We call people who has no guts, afraid of something or runnig out from something because they scared. Oh I heard what you teach your kids. “Turks killed us, they are your enemies”. No wonder why there is no patriot armenian. You armenian everything and copy everthing from azeris and turks. Oh in case you don’t understand the fact that your west is Anadolu turks, your south is South AZERBAIJAN and your east is NORTH AZERBAIJAN. So you wait to melt totally among turks. I’m not saying you don’t attack us, I’m just saying we’re waiting for your move this time. This time even russians help is not going to save you.
For the record we don’t cry for our lost, who sacrificed their lives for our country. We are proud of them and they live among us forever. LONG LIVE AZERBAIJAN!
AZERBAIJAN is full of Ramils and they are ready to punish our enemies. And our kids take Ramil is a example. We proud of him. AZERBAIJAN is proud of you Ramil!

Please place this letter online that my message can reach its destination.

Azeri fighter
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